Posted time 2024/04/10

One of the primary goals of Skybus is to teach those that are not involved with real world airline operations how real airlines actually operate. Therefore, Skybus Virtual Airlines adheres to real world airline operational policies and procedures where practical.

Expedited Training program. 

The idea here is that you would have already obtained an A320 type rating. once indoc is completed pilots will complete A320 systems refresher, a checkride and finaly a line check.

As a direct entry captain you will be expected to have a comprehensive knowledge of the Airbus A320 systems and FGMS, experience of at minimum 100 hours on the vatsim network and or a real-world commercial pilot. 

Minimum Requirements

  • Be at minimum 16 years of age
  • A valid copy of MSFS
  • A valid copy of the Fenix A320
  • An unrestricted VATSIM PID
  • 100 hours on the VATSIM network
  • Intermediate or advanced A320 systems knowledge

Preferred Requirements

  • Have obtained the VATSIM vCPL or vATPL pilot ratings
  • 250 hour on the VATSIM network
  • Real-world commercial pilot or higher license