Less virtual, more airline.

Skybus virtual airlines is a modern virtual airline with a focus on realistic operations. If you are looking for a challenge look no further.

Real Airline Experience

We try very hard to keep things immersive and authentic. Our operations and growth plan closely mimics that of a real airline.

Comprehensive Training

We are not a sign and fly virtual airline. We have a custom built in-house AQP program. That mimics a 14 CFR Part 121 airline.

Earn Real Rewards

Real pilots are paid, we think you should be paid as well. Earn real cash and or MSFS add-ons

A new spin on an old airline.

Skybus Airlines was once a promising airline based in Columbus Ohio. Offering ultra-low fares to small market destinations. A casualty of rising fuel prices and cut-throat competition Skybus ceased operations in 2008. 16 years later our goal is to bring this airline back to life for the flight sim community to enjoy.

With 25 years of flight simulator experience, I saw the need for a virtual airline that catered to a niche segment of the flight simulator community. We operate a single fleet, on routes that have been market researched. Our pilots also complete mandatory initial and recurrent training.
Jamal Pratt
CEO, Skybus Virtual Airlines