[Columbus, OH] – SkyBus Virtual Airlines, a leading virtual airline known for its commitment to realism and excellence in the aviation simulation community, has announced the acquisition of four Airbus A320 aircraft. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in the airline’s growth and operational capabilities.

The decision to launch SkyBus Virtual Airlines with a fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft comes as part of the airline’s continuous efforts to enhance the virtual flying experience for its members by utilizing high fidelity airliners for MSFS, such as the Fenix Simulations A320. It is also a nod to the historical SkyBus Airlines which ceased operations in 2008. The Airbus A320 is a popular choice among airlines worldwide, known for its fuel efficiency, reliability, and passenger comfort.

“We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of four Airbus A320 aircraft for SkyBus Virtual,” said Jamal Pratt, CEO of SkyBus Virtual Airlines. “These aircraft will allow us to expand our route network and offer our virtual pilots more opportunities to explore the world of aviation.”

The Airbus A320 is a narrow-body aircraft that can accommodate up to 180 passengers, making it ideal for short to medium-haul flights. With a range of approximately 3,300 nautical miles, the A320 will enable SkyBus Virtual to reach new destinations and provide its virtual pilots with a diverse and immersive flying experience.

In addition to expanding its fleet, SkyBus Virtual Airlines has also invested in training programs to ensure that its virtual pilots are well-equipped to operate the new aircraft safely and efficiently. The airline is known for its commitment to realism, and this extends to its training programs, which are designed to mirror real-world airline operations.

The acquisition of the Airbus A320 aircraft is expected to further enhance SkyBus Virtual Airlines’ position as a leading virtual airline in the aviation simulation community. The airline’s dedication to providing a realistic and immersive flying experience continues to attract virtual pilots from around the world, and the addition of the A320 is sure to further elevate the airline’s reputation.

About SkyBus Virtual Airlines:

SkyBus Virtual Airlines is a virtual airline dedicated to providing a realistic and immersive flying experience for aviation enthusiasts. With a focus on realism and excellence, SkyBus Virtual Airlines offers a wide range of routes, aircraft, and a scaled 121 AQP training program for virtual pilots of all skill levels. Find out more at www.skybusva.com/careers

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